Monday, March 08, 2010


I wanted to write a lil piece about Dagenham boy Devlin because I keep hearing about/of him and was like you know what? He seems like a nice boy! Me and my housemates were listening to him on 1xtra last week and he chose to play a Bruce Springsteen tune which won Cometgirls heart over! She was like "He likes white music!!" jookes!

His first release was 'Tales from the Crypt' which was released in 2006 and is a must for all you grime heads.

Trouble don't mean a thing, when ya movin in cirles that roll deep, and deep he rolls.
He is part of the O.T Crew with Dogzilla, Syer Bars, and Deeperman. He is also in The Movement, along with Scorcher, Wretch 32, Ghetto, Mercston, Lightning, and DJ Unique. Badneeeessssss (but not actually linked to Badness!)

His stand out tracks are 'Tales from the Crypt', 'Take me Away', 'Community Outcast' and obviously the new 'London City'. He has now been signed to Island records, so things are looking big for this boy, brap, brap, brap.


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