Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cassette Playa x Stussy Capsule Collection Preview

Throwbaaaack! Is the inspiration for the Cassette Playa x Stussy Collection. A part of me wishes that I was into Stussy and Cassette Playa, but I just never have been. My ex-boyfreind always wore Stussy, so I just associate that with geeky boys who pretend they don't care about fashion, and Cassette Playa usually just makes me think of new rave which makes me want to be sick....However, on this occasion I don't mind some of the peices, like I think I would rock the jacket, but I think the rest of the collection is too young for me now :(

It's good to see a young female designer (Carrie Munden) doin her thing though, especially coming out of East London, brap brap brap!


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