Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teedra Moses

Teedra Moses debut album Complex Simplicity is one of the baddest R'n'B albums you will ever hear, although you may not have. It only reached 146 on the Billboard top 200, despite mass critical acclaim. A mate of BagLady's and mine gave it to us about 4 years ago and we both kinda put it on the side for far too long then as BagLady say's she got it out one day and it was like what the fuck, why has this been sitting un-played for so long? Seriously though if you don't know get to know! You may have heard Wana be you girl-
Anyway Teedra started life as a stylist but after an accident decided to persue her true Love, Musica and aren't we happy she did! Well there have been a lot of rumours of late about a new album, if you like your different R'n'B then she is def your girl. As yet there don't seem to be a release date, but there are rumors of Feb 14th. If you wana check out some new music go to her Myspace


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