Friday, February 26, 2010


I bought some hair rollers recently to jazz up my new bob look, and always secretly want to step out of the house with them still in! Well it's not so much a secret, I have actually left the house to drive the car with them still in, but it's been dark! Besides looking a bit like a mum with little spare time, and wearing a tracksuit, I think done right, this could look sick!

These ladies in Jamaica look FLY! Don't you wish this was your mum?!

We did a post about Maluca who looks SICK in her rollers, especially the beer cans at the end! Maybe it's strictly a Downtown New York in the summer/Jamaica look, and we would like pretentious twats here in the UK leaving our local laundry matt/salon looking like this!....Still though, I recognise it and I love it!

How to rock the look!


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