Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mos Def as MF Doom

In ode to MF Doom who is playing at the Roundhouse on March 5th (SOLD OUT!!!!) Mos Def gets his Doom on, and spits his version of Dumile’s Stones Throw 102.


MFAZWE said...

GOT DOOM? .... For a more in-depth discussion of the MFDOOM saga, as well as of course, the most insight that you'll EVER get into the Artist enigma that we call MFDOOM, from one of his closest confidants - check out the website at http://gotdoom.metalfacerecords.com. Please also note that all participation is FREE--all feedback and comments are listed in the order that they are received--and had been explicitly-requested sometime late last year by MFDOOM, himself.

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