Tuesday, February 09, 2010


So last night my work mate and I watched The September Issue (if you haven't watched it then you might want to then come back and read this!), after a recommendation from another work mate. This morning we started chatting about it and the convo quickly turned into a very heated debate. If you don't know The September Issue is a documentary about the September issue of American Vogue, how it's put together and who's involved and just a general over view of process of creating the mag from concepts to print. It mainly features Anna Wintour (Editor In Chief) and Grace Coddington (Creative Director), and it was over Anna that our debate started. 
My work mates think Anna Wintour is a egotistical, inconsiderate, curt bitch, I on the other hand see her as a hard-working, committed, inspirational character. There is def no denying this woman is cut-throat she does not mess around, if your not up to her standards then it's bye bye! But such is the nature of the fashion industry, my work mates disagree with this attitude under the ideal that everyone should be kind and supportive to each other, where as I think if you or your work is not up to scratch then you shouldn't be there (especially at Vogue). 
The main gripe my mates have was with what they seen as her rude and disrespectful manner towards her colleagues, which got me wondering if Anna was a man would she been seen as an ice queen? There are plenty of self-righteous, crude men on our TV screens (Alan Sugar, Gordon Ramsay) and in the business world, yet they do not gain the reputation that has been given Anna. Is she un-fairly judged? Or is she a strong, focused woman who works under enormous pressure to create not only the best selling fashion magazine in the world but also has to satisfy the financial wants of the Conde Nast big dogs which may just make her a slacker slayer that might not always (or ever) be all smiles and sweetness? 
I truly believe in treating all with respect but I also believe in honesty and I'm not one for sugar coating myself therefore I can relate to her nature, but what do you think, is her attitude unnecessarily rude or fundamentally honest? And does the fact that she has a fanny mean her determination is misconstrued as brazen self-aggrandizement?? (Apology's for the blatant bias towards Wintour, but I'm on her team!)   


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