Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chris Ofili Exhibition

If you haven't been to the CO exhibition at The Tate Britain, getcho ass down there rapido, because it is well worth the money if you are an arty person, and if you are reading this blog I should imagine you are, nah mean?!

There are seven rooms that exhibit his works by dates/themes/mediums, and also a surprise at the end.

Make sure to enter the competition to win a Chris Ofili original painting! (on your ticket stub)

R1 - Early - Mid 1990's
R2 - Mid - Late 1990's
R3 - The Upper Room
R4 - Red, black and Green Paintings
R5 - Works on paper
R6 - Blue Rider
R7 - Recent work

So there is a lot for you to go and check out!! I was really impressed, as I thought the exhibition was gonna be a lot, lot smaller, so you get a good amount of visual treat for your money! I managed to sneak a few photos to get you in the mood below!...

7 Bitches Tossing Their Pussies Before the Divine Dung

Afro Love and Unity


Afro (close-up)

Albino and Bro's with Fro's

Afromuses (couple)


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