Monday, February 08, 2010

Blood, don't make me get old school!

Slice a Life, Harlesden 1998

I was just thinking about how cold it is, what with all this friggin snow, and how much I can't wait for it to be summer in London. Last year I was in Brazil, so missed out on the first bit of sunshine. You know, that first day when all the girls throw on the batty shorts and guys get their summer swagger on! Such a good vibe man, everyone seems to loosen up come that first warm day!

Anyway, this got me thinking about London in the summer in general and so I though I'd get a bit Old School and put up some pics of the smoke from the past....Good Times!!

Saxon Records Posse, New Cross, circa 1998

Brixton 1998

Dalston 1995

West London 1999

Lambeth Country Show, Brixton 2000

Notting Hill Carnival 1996

Flipside @ The Iceni, London 1983

Brixton Academy, 1997

No12 bus, London 1998

Under 18 Night, Kingston Upon Thames, 1996

Thunder & Joy @ Raw, Tottenham Court Road

Def Jam Tour, Hammersmith Odean 1987

West London, 1999

Club it, Under 18's night, Brentford 1999

Reggae Dance, Hammersmith Palais 1994

Notting Hill Carnival 2000


cesca dvorak said...

beautiful! Love the kids in Kingston, so cool. Club it was near my house too

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