Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are all Precious...

So me and CometGirl just went to the 1Xtra screening of Precious at the Mayfair Hotel which was pretty cool. The hotel staff were pretty retarded and the popcorn was for people like Gemma and Sarah Jane Crawford, both presenters on BBC 1 Xtra...It was all good though because CG managed to rob some popcorn up at the end of the film which we ate on the way home, score!!

So, about the film. In terms of the storyline I actually was expecting more, but that's always the problem when a book is turned into a film. For so many stories to be portrayed through one character, I personally thought was a lot. Bits of it felt dis-jointed and and there was a lot of dialogue which was the main narrative of the film, this meant that they could get away with not showing all of the awful deeds that really took place, and trust, some of the shit is unbelievable!

The acting though, boy, Mariah,Paula Patton, Monique and Gabby Sidibe killed it.....As expected Mariah was stand out for me, I know there is a lot of hype around the main character but I felt that Mariah (who plays the social worker) and Monique (Precious' mother) were the best characters in the film. It's mad seeing MC with no make-up on either, but I feel so proud of her!! Go Mariah!

It hits cinemas soon, so go and shed some tears, coz believe they will fall!


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