Sunday, January 17, 2010

So Solid Crew

Are BACK!! They got a new single called Since You Went Away, I'm def feeling this one, but on closer inspection we've came to these conclusions-
A. Lisa Maffia has DEF had a boob job.
B. Lisa Maffia didnt sing the chorus or if that is actually her it has been reworked to fuck or maybe she learnt to sing?? I'm not saying she can't sing but she def weren't that good before.(If you dont remember her previous attempts check the last video).
C. Romeo is still BUFF!
D. So Solid have decreased in size by approx 137 members- so are So Solid just Lisa, Megaman and Romeo now? I would personally like to see Neutrino back!

FYI- Lisa Maffia is starting her own clothing website that will be an ASOS style site for UK Urban brands- look out for House Of Maffia coming soon, and So Solid decided that Harvey was in a 'bad place' in his life at the min and they do not want him back in the group as it could disrupt the tight family style bond they have- I would say cheatin on ur incredibly sexy wife for some skank (what kinda girl fucks a married man never mind when they are ALL famous) then leaving ur wife to shack up with the skank, having a baby quick time THEN holding a knife to your baby mom's throat constitutes as a pretty bad place in your life- fair enough I wouldn't want that mess around me. Anyway let's remember So Solid's glory days-

Ahhhhh remember this, I totally forgot about this ish-

Lisa's singing-


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