Sunday, January 31, 2010


Shank is a new UK film that will be in cinemas from March 26th. It stars some fresh, young British talent including-
Kaya Scodelario, best known for her role as Effy Stonman in Skins.
Adam Deacon, star of Kidulthood, Adulthood and Deadset and many many more films and TV series.
Bashy, UK Grime artist.
Jan Uddin.

The screenplay is by Paul Carter and it is directed by Mo Ali.
I found this lil' bit of info on the film-
The film, shot on the estate, contains violence and gang turf wars.
It is set in the future when the gap between rich and poor has grown to “epic” proportions.
Director Mo Ali, said: “I can totally understand how residents might get the wrong impression when they see the filming but it’s not about violence.
“It’s about these kids overcoming obstacles that get in their way.
“The whole point of the film is about the effect that violence can have on someone.
“It gives kids an idea about what the future could be like.”
In the film, food has replaced drugs and guns as the most sought- after commodity on the streets.
A spokeswoman for the production argued the movie had a positive message.
She said: “The gang in the film don’t get involved in the violence.
“They get caught up in something by accident and one of them gets killed.
“The whole film is about their dilemma – do you go looking for revenge and violence, or not?
“We are not trying to portray Southwark in a bad light. We want the community to be involved with the film we are making.
“A lot of the filming has been done on the Heygate Estate, but it’s not meant to be the estate. It’s meant to be a place in the future.”
A council spokeswoman said: “Having consulted with the Tenants’ and Residents’ Association (TRA), and knowing that the Heygate is mostly vacant, we decided to give the go-ahead.
“The film-makers are working with several local charities and youth groups, giving young people in the area a chance to work on a film.
“We have also asked for a donation of £200 per day of filming to be made to the TRA.”
Could be interesting! The website is pretty good, it has lots of interactive features you can play about with and a good selection of UK music. There's also a competition running for budding UK artist's to have their track used as part of the film, go here for details.


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