Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Celebrity Hook-Up's.

So the other day I discovered model of the moment, Lara Stone, is marrying David Walliams. Random I think, so it got me thinking about other celeb couples we didn't expect or maybe were a just bit surprised to find out they were together.

Come on you know when these two first got together you were shocked!

Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullen, yup that's Sophie Dahl the supermodel and granddaughter of Roald, and Jamie Cullen the crazy piano playing jazz geek.

Again when this first came about it was shocking because-
a. He's meant to be gay.
b. She was 18 and played Joey in Dawson's Creek and he was about 35.
c. She was prob about 3 when he was a huge sex symbol.
d. She's about 2 ft taller than her.
e. She was prob groomed by scientologists to play his humble little wife. 

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Such an awkward, awkward couple. It's hard to imagine these two ever getting it on- imagine Michael pulling out the moves, eugh! Just don't make sense!


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