Sunday, January 17, 2010

Me singing.......

Youtube fame: Refers to recognition received through uploaded videos that become viral videos on the video sharing website YouTube.

I was just having a youtube one and reminded myself of all the chicks (and dicks!) out there that decide they are good enough to video themselves singing a version of someone else's song. Now, trust, some of these are absolute shockers for example
this and this!!! Jokes

But every now and then, there are some that are pretty decent. I have had a trawl through the tube to find some of these, and there have been some laughs, some cries, mostly laughs though!! If anything it definitely brightened up my Sunday morning, and introduced me to some of the crazy ladies that walk the earth!!! It may have been funnier to put up the joke ones, but were about a bit of female positivity over here!

So here are some of the gems that I found on my travels, these girls kind of give their respective artist a run for they $$$$$$$!!!


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