Sunday, January 03, 2010

If your older than 20.....'ll prob remember the mid 90's dance vibe and albums like this-

Sick album! So yeah if your lucky/unlucky enough to be old enough to have shacked out to these tunes the first time round you'll remember how heavy they all were, well I was listening to 1Xtra the other day n heard this-

Recall the original? Well if you don't it was a banger! I'm really not feeling this new trend for Grime/Hip Hop MC's sampling old 90's dance anthems, I just feel like it's too soon, the tunes aren't old enough, or maybe I'm too old. What do you lot reckon, for all those lucky enough to not have heard these mostly horrific songs, here you go, there is def a few more but luckily I forgot them-


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