Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hip Hop Sisters.

So Hip Hop Sisters is an organisation started in 2006 by MC Lyte. It started out as a place for ladies to come and have their questions, regarding the industry answered but has since grown into a huge social networking site. I'm not gona try and describe it coz they do it so much better-
Hip Hop Sisters is an elite movement of women who would like to change the face of Hip Hop and the way women are perceived in society today. We strive to bring the essence of Hip Hop back to its originality. There are too many negative images about women and Hip Hop, and it is effecting the younger generation. We need to show the world that a woman can achieve greatness, without selling our souls to the negativity that is put out there to destroy our culture. So in short, our mission is promote mental growth, understanding and self awareness in our sisters, using the Art of Hip Hop to help the youth find their voice.  

And a lil word from MC Lyte-
My beautiful sisters of all nationalities, cultures and religions. We are here for a purpose, not just in this movement entitled Hip Hop but on earth. One of our many purposes is to heal. Heal the heart, heal the wounded and heal the union of relationships. Let's do our part to HEAL the world! Say a kind word to another, give a hug to someone who is hurting, spread an encouraging word to someone who is down and out and hasn't realized their power.
Please share a word here on our front page as to how you will HEAL someone today!!!! 

A beautiful message! It's got loads of good videos, blogs, pictures, discussions and a forum to chat to other Hip Hop Sisters. You need to go on there just to listen to the tunes they have up, which try as I may I can not for the life of me find on Youtube, Mother Sista, Sista Girl is a KILLER track! It's good to see ladies coming together to create something positive- there's enough bitchyness goin on in this world, more positive vibes yes please!


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