Sunday, January 10, 2010


S/S 2010 ad campaign-

"To be in Riccardo's campaign was always one of my dreams as well as shooting with MariaCarla. In brilliant hands of Mert and Marcus the dream came true with outstanding results in warm, creative and fun atmosphere. I couldn't have enough of it!" Natalia Vodianova

“It is always a wonderful feeling when you arrive on the set ...and you never know what will be the result ... but you know it will be damn good!! Riccardo is a very talented man, he always gives 100 % in everything he does! He has a very unique vision and sometimes it is not so obvious to understand where he wants to go. But, he is always right!!! I call this talent and a very unique one!! And I feel very lucky to have the chance to cross his path in my life as he is a very inspiring person.” MariaCarla Boscono

“Shooting this campaign, in a difficult moment such as this, was great with my perfect family. Everybody gave so much love, creativity and collaboration… what more could you ask for?”
Riccardo Tisci

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