Monday, January 04, 2010

Format's 50 Signs your obsessed.....

.........with trainers!!

I love it when you read these things, like those 'how you know you were born in the 80's' things and every one your like OH SNAP SON!!! haha

This is kind of like that, obviously there are the hardcore and the more modest sneaker freaks out there, so see how many you relate to!!!

1. When you realized dropped their annual sneaker issue in September, you put on your best kicks before reading it.
2. Vacations are just a chance to visit different cities’ shoe stores.
3. You have developed a style of walking that neither creases the toe nor flexes the body of the shoe.
4. You know who Tinker Hatfield is.
5. You’ve lined up (or camped out) for shoes.
6. You vividly remember each and every shoe regret (a pair you didn’t cop when you had the chance).
7. You keep the box of every pair you buy – as well as the crinkled tissue-paper wadding inside the shoes.
8. You love Air Force 1’s and Dunks.
9. You hate how played Air Force 1’s and Dunks have become.

10. You’re into kicks that aren’t Nikes (and you must be a lonely dude in the game).

11. You’re mad when they never release the colorway you want.
12. You then create the colorway in Photoshop and post it on NT.
13. You have a Jumpman tattoo.
14. You wish you had a Jumpman tattoo.
15. You have the And 1 man tattoo (oops, that just means you’re in the NBA – or really, really wish you were).
16. You’ve got a pair of kicks you ain’t see nobody rock, not online or eBay or the streets.
17. You dislike a particular basketball player based solely on his shoes.
18. Based solely on design, you cop the signature shoes of a player you dislike immensely (VC, anyone?).
19. You’ve driven over 200 miles to cop a pair, and you don’t even own a car.

21. On more than one occasion, you’ve had people (girlfriends, family, friends) cop a pair on release-date because you were otherwise entangled (like working at your job).
22. You must lace up your kicks yourself, even if they come pre-laced.
23. Your shoes must be included in any picture you’re in
24. You chat with the peeps on NT more than your girlfriend.
25. Your 9-to-5 at your 9-to-5 is eBay.
26. You make Top Sneakers of the Year lists (like this one).
27. You know the two non-Jordans Mike wore in the NBA (Air Ships & Air Flight Ones).
28. Moms bought you skips growing up, and years later, you’re getting your revenge.
29. You know who Bruce Kilgore is.

30. You buy doubles.

I love that one!! I have nearly been that bad.....not quite!

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