Thursday, January 07, 2010

Female Comic Swag

For some reason that last post got me all on a comic book vibe, so I thought I'd do a post about all the badgals that have graced the comic scene.

Rogue because of her wicked little grey streak and punky style.

Vampirella, really do I need to say why? Pure sexual vibes.

Batwoman for that mysterious/goth swag!

Supergirl for her innocent/patriotic nature but also her POW POW knock you out stregnth!

Shera, because for me, she was the first female comic character in my life! And she gave He-man a run for his money.

Poison Ivy coz she had a no shit taking attitude. Fuck with me and you die, get it?

Tank Girl coz she is the ultimate sexy tomboy, she'll fix your car and dress up in stockings!

Catwoman for her purrrrrrrrr and sexy catsuit, what man could so no to that latex and sharp nails? meow! Anyman would pour her a bowl of milk!


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