Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fatty Girl!!

Good news ladies, fat is back!! If you read the Metro today then you will have probably read this article, but as were pro fatty ova huuur I thought I'd cut and paste the goodness!!
Having fat in these areas has been shown to protect against heart and metabolic problems and even stops your arteries clogging.
Health experts at Oxford University told the International Journal of Obesity that large bottoms are much better than fat around the waist.
Hip fat's benefits may even mean that doctors will redistribute body fat to the hips in the future to fight against metabolic and cardiovascular diseases like diabetes, the BBC reported.
Supper skinny people with little fat around the hips are in danger of serious metabolic problems such as Cushing's syndrome.
Women who find it hard to loose weight off their lower body can now rest easy with the knowledge that it's very beneficial to their health, as long as they're not seriously overweight.
In contrast, those with excess fat around the stomach face the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
"In an ideal world, the more fat around the thighs the better – as long as the tummy stays slim", Lead researcher Dr Konstantinos Manologoulos at Oxford University said.
"Unfortunately, you tend to not get one without the other though", he continued.
So get on with those muffin tops, them bootylicious backs and tick ass thighs!!! Get them men feeenin for the jelly!! haha


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