Sunday, January 31, 2010

Designer of the Week

This week's badman designer is Franco Moschino. Moschino was born in Italy in 1950, he studied Fine Art at collage hoping to become a painter. He financed his studies by working as a fashion illustrator which helped change his focus from paints and canvases to fabric and tailoring. His fashion career started in 1971 when he became an illustrator for Gianni Versace. He then went on to design for Cadette. In 1983 Franco founded his own company Moonshadow and launched the Moschino Couture! label. His line quickly expanded from casual wear and jeans to include lingerie, evening wear, shoes, menswear and perfumes. Cheap and Chic, a less expensive range was launched in 1988. Moschino went on to create a huge fashion empire with stores all over the world, his often quirky and socially conscious design's were often a jab at the fashion industry and it's consumers yet people flocked to wear his clothes. 

I'm sure the older readers out there will remember Moschino for the off-key jeans and gold lettering belts and bags, I always remember my Mam having some sick Moschino handbags- what I would do to get my hands on them now! 
Sadly Franco Moschino died in 1194, his long term creative collaborator Rosella Jardini took over the Moschino empire which is still going strong today, although admittedly it doesn't quite have the humorous tones it was once known for.


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