Saturday, January 23, 2010

Designer of the Week

I'm goin for Alexander Wang today, why? Because he is a badman! We are both HUGE fans of this boy, and in fact both quite jealous of how he manages to kill it everytime! When we grow up to be fashion designers, we'd like to be somewhere on his kind of designer level, bring it! He launched his first full collection of women's wear in 2007, and has been wowing attendees of NY Fashion Week ever since!

The thing that we are totally bumming with Wang is that he is proper on it when it comes to women's sportswear, which a lot of companies/brands get wrong. God bless this dude! Below are some of my favourite looks from his Spring 2010 collection which was heavily inspired by American football. This is definately his best collection so far, and I really hope he continues coz his shit is inspiring!!

"We want to create clothes that are timeless and classic," Wang said a few days before his show. "Our girl wants investment pieces."


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