Monday, January 04, 2010

David La Chappelle

Alex Wek

I was just eyeballin my room looking for inspiration for blogs as I'm not feeling 100% on it today, 1st day back @ work and all that!! (I know ya'll know what I'm on about! But we gotta make that paper!)

Anyway, in front of my computer is a wall of postcards and ish that I like and the one right in front of my eyeline is an amazing photo (above) by the high-contrast man himself, David LaChapelle. So that got me thinking of all the other AMAZING stuff he has done and how cool he has made loads of celebrities look. If I was famous, I would definitely get a shot by him and dress up as a Swedish milk-maid or something!!! haha

(Where the bloggin magic happens!!)

So I have just pulled a few (well more than a few!) of my favourites from his celebrity portfolio!! Let's go back!!

RIP Brittany Murphy

Macy Gray


Chris Rock

J Lo

George Clinton


Devon Aoki

Kelis and Andre 3000

Lil' Kim

Lady Gaga


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