Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bonafide Magazine returns

Bonafide is devoted to individuals who have not compromised their ideas and values in pursuit of success. Heads who have changed the rules of the game. Without trying to frantically put a thumb on the zeitgeist, Bonafide is a celebration of dope old school, mid school and new school creativity.
So issue 3 is here peeps and this time around they have managed to get Jeff Janks from Stones Throw Records to do the cover.
Inside the magazine we delve deep into the psyche of some of the most exciting artists, MCs and producers of the last 20 years. The raft of exclusive interviews and features includesRaekwon, Anti-Pop Consortium, De La Soul, Mr Lif, Malcolm Catto, DaM FunK, Major Lazer, Toddla T, Task Force, Shlomo and Village Green


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