Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big arse handbag!

Renowned handbag designer Jas Sehmbi has decided to create the worlds biggest bag, and at 2m high and 4m wide I'm sure he's prob done it, the bag is currently on show at Saatchi & Saatchi on Charlotte St, London. Visitors are encouraged to write on the canvas lining and as the bag travels the world it will become a bulletin board filled with messages, stories and artwork. I'm all for art you can get involved with and that has a function as such but for real this is an ugly arse bag man! He coulda picked a better design, apparently its based on his trademark Jas M.B. Traveler bag, personally I think its pretty dry! Anyway here's an interview with the man himself, hijaked from Dazed Digital.

Dazed Digital: What prompted you to make the 'world's largest bag'?
Jas Sehmbi: I’ve done lots of events in Japan and other countries through the brand that just don’t happen here. I wanted to create an installation that was about interacting with people; customers, friends, fellow art-lovers. Without these people there would be no need to design products.

DD: What was the biggest logistical problem of making the bag?
Jas Sehmbi: The biggest logical problem was actually trying to HOLD the bag whilst it was being stitched. We had 4 or 5 people holding it, 154 pieces of leather stitched together. The final stitch was perfect. Sheer joy, it was an unbelievable feeling of relief. Making the pattern to that scale also proved difficult. I just didn’t have the space, I went into the street to draw one in a car park!

DD: Where will it be travelling and what tales/stories do you hope it will come back with?
Jas Sehmbi: To Japan, China, Paris, Milan and New York. The  stories would be about the positioning of the bag and what is written inside it by artists, and what has happened inside this bag over its journey.


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