Sunday, December 27, 2009

What rock have I been hiding under?

So I always knew about Tim & Barry TV but then a few days ago I found out about Dont watch that, a website that-

brings you the best in online video entertainment- posting at least one new video a day @ 4.20pm (most days!) from contributors including- pwbc, tim and barry, partv,, ben drury, do be do, jean charles de castelbajac with more coming very soon!!
So on there they have a JCDC TV channel- I know! Seriously mayneeee why did I not know about this ish! Jean Charles De Castelbajac is one my fave designers and there's a whole channel dedicated to his brand so needless to say I have spent the last few hours watchin all the vids! I did wana post a few of my faves but the embedding thing dont work so heres the links-

JCDC Spring/Summer 2010

Jean Charles De Castelbajac Intereview


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