Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Versace shade watchin you

Remember this-

I've wanted this dress since forever and have said I would pay untold amounts of money for it- but now I don;t have too as I found one!! ahhhhhh ok a fake one but still ahhhhhhhh!!

I am buzzin! Thats my NYE outfit sorted-incase you dont know the original is a Versace classic, he is hands down my favourite designer- lav lav lavvvv him! So I had a little flick through Bagladys Versace, Signatures an amazing book that you should own if your on a fashion thing (luckily I have Bagladys to look at until we dont live together then I shall invest). Here are some of my fav outfits from the Don. 

Hands down my favourite outfit!

And the classic! I wonder if they realised at the time that this picture was gona become so iconic?? God bless Versace for inventing the supermodel. (I LOVE Cindy's tonk legs- reckon she'd give Beyonce a run for her money).


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