Tuesday, December 08, 2009


If anyone watched School of Design on BBC2 recently? You would have seen the genius/madman Phillipe Starck at work, he's a fantastic architect/designer/creator who has a very ethical approach to product design- his main gripe being that most products are packaged in an unnecessary amount of plastic/card etc, and thinking about it you start to realise that most products we buy are. Take a packet of crisps for example now the bag is never more than half full but yet the package is totally over sized, ooohhh the trickery of marketeers, fooling us in to thinking we are getting better value for money. This really annoyed me as I hate to think that firstly I am 'targeted' by these huge corporations and secondly that I am susceptible to it- though I do realise that I am targeted and at times do fall for their clever campaigns. Sooooooo anyway I was very happy to find out that there is a wonderful store in Islington that does not use packaging. Unpackaged was set up in 2006, it stocks a variety of grocery products, the concept being that you bring in old containers e.g. jam jars, takeaway trays and use them to transport the goods you buy from their shop. Very clever indeed! If only Tesco would adopt this approach to consumerism. So if your in the area and feel like being green pop in.


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