Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rapper 'Maniac' jailed for 18 years.

I couldn't beleive it when I saw the headline "RAPPER'S PLOT TO KILL PREGNANT "EX" ", at first I thought it was mildly funny as the headlines for Hackney Gazzette can sometimes be......Like one of my favourites was "Man shot in bottom", they are just phrased oddly! Anyway so I didn't know who this 'rapper' was immediately but I bought the paper yesterday and decided to find out....

Turns out it was Grime kid 'Maniac' aka Brandon Jolie who (I hate to say it) was quite a talented rapper from Bow, east London. His music has been used for a Nike advert and in the British film, Adulthood, and he had worked with leading names including Tinchy Stryder.

He had got a young girl pregnant and was concerned about the future of his music career and also his mother finding out. This seems like the normal worries of a young teenager, however Jolie took it dangerously further by planning to murder the his ex girlfriend with his friend Ogundele. They apparently had extensive conversations on MSN plotting out the best way to kill her.


In their online discussion Jolie told Ogundele: "I don't care if she lives or dies because the consequences of her having a child are too big for me to handle," the court heard.

Ogundele told Jolie: "I'm going to f***ing kill her. F*** her bruv. She's a f***ing pr*ck," the court heard.

The attack

On November 12 last year Ogundele allegedly beat the teenager over the head with a metal pole, kicked and punched her and then pushed her in the Regents Canal in Islington, north London, all after she'd shouted "please don't, I'm pregnant."He then held her head under the water as she fought for her life, it is alleged.But jurors heard brave passer-by Andrew Hall interrupted the assault and scared off the attacker.He was able to fish the teenager from the water and calm her down before calling the police.

The sentance
Last Friday, Jolie, who had admitted conspiracy to murder, was caged for 14 years at the Old Bailey. Ogundele, who had been found guilty on October 27, was jailed for 18 years.

Via Hackney Gazzette

I was so disgusted by this story, and kinda speechless to be honest, I'm not gonna go hard on this one because this blog is about happy tings!! This just makes me angry, but I felt I needed to make people aware of this story because a lot of these crimes never see the national news and I think people need to know what is happening with the youth of today otherwise there won't be any action and kids today need to know what consequences mean......


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