Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rant of the day

I am SICK of opening fashion magazines and seeing whole shoots with girls with their boobs out- last time I looked fashion had something to do with clothes, so why the hell are there so many shoots out there that dont include any?

Its crazy how sexed up everything has became, I'm gona place most of the blame on pop stars who over the last few years have been sexing everything up like a dog in heat, I mean I know sexy has been used for years to sell records but I feel like its gone to some next level now, think back to TLC videos of them in big baggy pants and t-shirts and then think about Beyonce's video now, see what I mean? 

AND I would love to know why its acceptable for Agnes Deyn to do this-

But this page 3 girl would prob be classed as a slapper by the majority of people, especially in the fashion world, but Agnes is all good coz she's in an 'arty' magazine! Its total bullshit!

What do you lot think? You think there's a difference between what Agnes is doing and page 3 girls?

One thing that made me feel ALOT better this week was that I found out Susan Boyle sold 700,000 albums in the first week of her album being released, Rihanna on the other hand only managed 150,000- just goes to show talent does prevail!


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