Monday, December 28, 2009

Pikey/Chav inspired Jewels

When I was at school (and I was a chav!) Sovereign/signet rings were all the rage for girls (and those dealing in scrap-metal!!), and you pretty much needed to have one whether it was real gold or not.

For those not familiar, wikipedia can break it down!

"A sovereign ring is a ring which typically has a gold sovereign as a primary decorative feature, with the obverse face as the visible detail. The coin may be either genuine or replica tender, and may be either a sovereign or half sovereign. In theUnited Kingdom it is also common to use custom coinage bearing such motifs as the 'Three Lions', or other similar imagery as Saint George, or a Welsh Dragon."

I am gonna have a re-visit to some Pikey-ish/chav-ish inspired jewellery because yesterday in Primark I bought these beauties!!

They took my back to them School Daze, and so if Primark are on it, everyone will be!

Here are some current gems on the market ranging from designer to Argos!! haha

One of the most respected names in costume jewellery, Kenneth Jay Lane provides yet a gain another stunning piece, The Coin Necklace, available at net-a-porter. - Via Highsnobbette.

9ct Gold 1.20 Carat Three Colour Cafe Diamond Ring (6668488) - £750 H.Samuel

George and Dragon Medallion Ring - £29.99 (231/9081) Argos

Gold Triangle Shape Lions Face Mens Ring - $14.99 via Iced out Gear


Mademoiselle said...

I also grabbed the primark heart ring! its hot!

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