Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh and this is gona be a good 'un too

Might have to start the party early this week!


Dust off your Adidas fat laces, Cazals and Fat Gooses, Farm Fresh Promotions brings Raw Blue Cheese a new bi-monthly Hip Hop event which will bring back all the innovation and groundbreaking sensations you got from that original Hip Hop vibe.  These nights promise to inject some much needed fun and quirkiness to the scene without ever diluting the raw essence.
December 17th will see Corsica Studios transformed into a non-homogenised, full phat zone with an all star line-up to keep the heads nodding.
This is a not to be missed event, as well as first class music you will also be entertained with features such as the memory wall which will exhibit personal photo collections of old school Hip Hop luminaries like Cookie Crew, Rodney P etc, showcasing how kids represented Hip Hop back in the day.
Bring out your inner b-boy/girl with our retro dressing up box then strike a pose and our vintage camera will capture your Hip Hop couture moment which can be yours to treasure.
If you need your cranial juices flowing get your battle on in the retro board game area.
Headlining on the night will be one of the UK’s finest mc’s, the mighty Juice Aleem off the back of his hugely acclaimed album “Jerusalaam Come” supported ably by DJ Moyma, Mad Flow and Blackitude.
There will also be performances by emcees on the rise: Dexter St Jock, Justice (Hotep Productions/Shadowless) who appears in the new UK movie “1 Day”, a gangland movie set in Birmingham which is drawing comparisons to classic film Boyz In The Hood, and last but not least M.E. (Marcus Explains).
The impressive DJ line up is as follows:
Resident Blue Cheese DJ Mimi Fresh! Fast establishing herself as a force on the DJ scene, Mimi has played at Favela Chic has a regular spot at The Westbury and has toured with Erykah Badu
DJ Biznizz needs no introduction, master turntablist and member of the legendary En4cers DJ crew.
DJ Snuff founders of the notorious ‘Speakers Corner’ event and key player in the international Hip Hop movement ‘End of the Weak’
DJ  Daredevil is a 3 x DMC finalist, he has a single out at the moment featuring US MC’s Ralph Dog & Blaqpoet and is currently put the finishing touches to his album
Underpinning the beats will be Kwake who has been described as the UK’s answer to Questlove, he’s the rhythmic backbone behind the Speakers Corner Quartet and the go to man for hip hop drum skills!
Host for the evening will be End of the Weak affiliate Kingpin.
Come and get high on a night of naturally grass-fed, full phat beats.


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