Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ms Understood

So the Womens Library in London has a new exhibition on-

Ms Understood: Women’s Liberation in 1970’s Britain
Opening: 8 October 2009 Ending: 31 March 2010
Entrance fee: Free
Ms Understood: Women’s Liberation in 1970’s Britain celebrates the 40th anniversary of the country’s first national Women’s Liberation Conference at Ruskin College, Oxford. During this event, over five hundred women came together and lay the foundation for the movement's key demands:
•  Equal pay for equal work
•  Equal educational and job opportunities
•  Free contraception and abortion on demand
•  Free 24 hour nurseries under community control
The exhibition explores the prelude, birth, rallies, media, fashion, politics, disagreements and victories of this crucial phase for improving women’s rights.
“It was an amazing buzz. I think it was one of those rare times in your own history when you know you're there at an occasion that's historically important.”
Sue Crockford, Activist and Film-maker
Audio, visual and interactive – Ms Understood weaves this important story around fresh interviews, rare objects and significant written items, welcoming you to add your thoughts and insight to build a huge organic display, which will be used for future academic reference.
I heart free exhibitions!


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