Sunday, December 20, 2009

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - MC

Firstly Mariah, what's with the album name?

So I got paid for the first time after a bout of UN-employment, and felt like flossin it out a bit so headed down central and hit up JD, HMV and Macci D's! (Not flossin proper, but after survivng on JSA, them shops made me feel pretty boom! haha)

So anyway one of my buys was MC's new album 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' which I have been waiting to buy since it got released in November (JSA is fass money!)
I managed to get it for £7.99 which was a total bargain and it's a special edition sleeve. Inside Mariah has taken us back to them good old days and has re-worked some classic covers, including 'Butterfly' and her debut album 'Mariah Carey'.

It also includes a wicked Elle mini magazine all about Miss Carey! It has a foreword by her, tells you about all her favourite things like wishlists and how to get her favourite looks. It also has an interview with her where she talks about Nick Cannon who seems a bit elusive so it's good to hear her talk about him, but also he has a few things to say. It's got lyrics at the back like any other Mariah Carey album which is essential for us fans, coz we be needin to sing these tunes in the shower! All round, I really like the album. I am totally bias so I'm not gonna try and write this from an outsiders angle coz me and Mariah go way back, I pretty much grew up listening to this chick from day! In them early-mid 90's times when (to me) music was at it's best! Don't get me wrong, 'Glitter' and 'Charmbracelet' were pretty dread! But for a female who has managed to go from 1990, releasing over 15 albums, having a couple that were a bit shit, and managing to still be successful up to 2009 is a definite pat on the back!

Well done MC, keep doin ya thang mammi!!


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