Sunday, December 06, 2009


It's that time of year- yup the inevitable will happen, you gota decide where your goin for New Years eve, LONG! I personally dont like NYE that much, its all hyped up too much and all the good gigs are way overpriced! So I've decided to give you lot a hand sorting your lives out, and post up all the good NYE parties a gwan in London.

First up we got this beaut!-

This is where I'll be having it up! If you book your tickets quick time its only a fiver!! Go here for the facebook group and here for your tickets- use code JINGLE for cheap tickets.

Then you got this one which I'm sure will be a banger aswell!
Go to Ticketweb for you tickets these ones are a bit more steep with prices ranging from £15 to £25.  


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