Sunday, December 06, 2009

Feet + Feelings

I firstly want to say that I really want these shoes in the middle by Givenchy!!!

OK that out the way, to the point! It's a well known fact that men love a chick that can handle her B.I. with some killa heels on....So when I saw this news item I thought I'd have a little talk about it because this sounds like waffle-cakes to me!

A psychologist/foot scientist in Manchester says recent research reveals a woman's foot position around potential mates is a strong indicator of how hot she is for them. Women tend to move their feet away from their bodies in more open-leg stances when conversing with someone they're attracted to. If they cross their legs or keep them tucked under the body, they're probably not into whoever they're talking to.

It's weird how different you feel when you put on a sexy pair, but to be honest I don't think it's a conscious thing to wiggle your feet around when you do or don't fancy someone! Even for the most well-trained, walking in like some 5" heels is hard, and so I think that if your moving you feet/legs in weird ways its probably more likely that your trying to find a position that stops the burning on your sole, or wriggling your toes a bit more because they are squashed in!! So when you have sat down with that man that you are totally digging, or wishing would vanish, it's a welcome rest to spin your ankles around a little bit to make sure that when you get up to go to the toilet or whatever you don't stack it!!

I bet that this scientist has never actually worn a pair of shoes and so will never experience the varying types of pleasure or pain that a pair of high-heels can bring to a woman.......

I mean it's basic knowledge that heels do ish to your feet and whole legs, and I just really feel it has not a lot to do with emotions for a guy....They are not synonymous in my world..


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