Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hunk of the Hump

This week chicas I have selected mi pappi favortia, Ramón "Raymond" Luis Ayala Rodríguez aka Daddy Yankee, I had a lil flashback of when I was in South/Central America not that long ago and remembered that I was properly feelin off the Reggaeton. Lucky for Latin/North America, Yankee is hot stuff which is why I think that he is SO LARGELY successful accross these countries. He is not so well played over here, but give it time, the future is Reggaeton!! haha

Grindin his way out of Puerto Rico, he originally had ideas of playing in Major League Baseball, however an injury prevented this. He could have been another A-rod, but I'm glad he went the musical route. The tune that everybody knows him for is the 2004 summer smash 'Gasolina'. To which I definately sacuda mi asno (shook my ass, sorry I'm tryna bring the Latino vibe) to!!


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