Friday, December 18, 2009

Collabo's! Missoni x Converse

mmm. look at these!!! I'm quite a fan of Converse, not that I own many pairs but their are a couple kickin around under my bed.........The pairs that I do have are collaborations, just because I find that the normal Chuck Taylors can be a bit bland, but that's whatever!

When they do collobarations, they usually come pretty correct, and I think that these are definately up there....I love the trademark zig-zag pattern in the uppers and the fact that the toes are white to make it all stand out. The Converse logo on the ankle is made from brown leather, and you also get a Missoni license plate logo on the back!!

They are set to be released in April 2010 for $200 and can be picked up from Missoni and also a few select Converse stores. I try really hard not to post up US only releases, but I just really liked these and you know, if your good enough on the sneaker hunt, ye shall have!


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