Monday, January 05, 2009

While were on the Subject...

Cheryl Cole, everybody's favourite band member from Girls Aloud has definately upped her game of late. Appearing on Vogue is pretty Major, and British Vogue no less!! She wasn't fobbed off to French or Russian Vogue. The highlights below do make Cheryl out to be all kind etc, but if you remember Heat Magazine recently, she was supposed to be all Diva-like and grumpy, but then this is not a gossip blog, so allow me for a second!!.........Gwan Cheryl!

Read on......

"CHERYL COLE cements her style icon status this month as the cover girl of the February issue of Vogue, as well as talking candidly about her marriage to football star Ashley Cole and her meteoric rise to fame via Girls Aloud and the X Factor - plus offering up some style tips to music industry mogul Simon Cowell.

"I'm not sure about the way he dresses," she admits. "The trouser waistbands may have gone down, but what is it about those nightie shirts he wears? It's like I really need to take him clothes shopping or something. The Makeover of Simon Cowell by Cheryl Cole - now there's an idea for a show!"

Her enthusiasm - not only for the shoot, by Regan Cameron, but for her work and personal commitments in general - certainly impressed writer Christa D'Souza, who interviewed the starlet three times for the feature.

"She was very flattered to be in Vogue, and that was endearing. She was very genuine," D'Souza tells us. "I mean, this is someone who used to fight to get on the cover of Smash Hits. And the thing is, she's not pretty; she's beautiful. She's got the bone structure, the scaffolding, and incredibly kind eyes."

Out now, the new Vogue is the perfect way to ease yourself into 2009 in style. As well as getting intimate with "our Cheryl", take a first look at spring's hero pieces, read as fashion stars from Christopher Kane to Erin O'Connor reveal their "bad karma" outfits, and go inside the world of political wife and Smythson creative director Samantha Cameron."


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