Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ms Dynamite

I just had a flashback, you know, one of them ones were your like oh shiiiiiiiii.........wha'pen???

I have heard that she's working in the background, not sure what that will be saying, but she did murk it back in the day.........reminisce on the love we had!

D-ba-di the Dynamit-e

This version is a bit extra, doesn't have the classic "Fuck u up like we was cocaine" oh no its edited, hard. And I'm sure I remember the beat being a bit more grimy. In fact I think I had it on some Pure Garage CD where they mash it all up.....

Style notes: Lovin' the hair, in fact I like everything she has going on in this video.

I did bump this tune for way too long when I was at college, reminds me of the summer working as a cleaner in a private girls school! JOY!

Style notes: I'm not gonna lie, back in the day I loved everything she was wearing. I even tried to make a top out of shredded denim! It looked dope at the time. (bearing in mind this is over 6 years old!!)


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