Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The way I am

I never would have thought a collaboration between Eminem and Nike would work, especially not on Air Jordans, and I feel I was right!! wtf are these horrors? I mean, I love em, but I dont love him for his style knowledge......On the plus though these are in some way a good thing as they are reportedly for his foundation.....

"Proceeds from this release will go to the Marshall Mathers Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children in the Michigan area." *

The stats:

"313 pairs of this sneaker will be released on Jordan Brand’s official website—Air Jordan Flight Club. The number of pairs released, 313, is a reference to the area code of Detroit where Marshall Mathers aka Eminem grew up. Also, a black Air Jordan x Eminem t-shirt with the words, “The Way I Am” will be made available alongside the sneakers. This Air Jordan 2 features handwritten lyrics from Eminem songs on a mostly black upper with a gray toebox and red/white accents. "

These are scheduled to release on December 18, 2008 on Air Jordan Flight Club for the low retail price of $110 * Sneaker Files


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