Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sophomore Spring 2009 Collection

This kind of resembles the classic Larry Clark film Kids crossed with American Apparel, don't you think? I mean that look will definately work/sell to the younguns, but I find it all a little bit fake really, like those AA girls that apparently send in their own sexually suggestive photos for the magazine/billboard adverts. I just don't beleive that bollocks, but anyway I am feeling these clothes and also am slightly bitter that it looks hot where they are!


"Inspired by the basics and staples of New York’s Lower East Side, SOPHOMORE originally began as a one t-shirt brand created for friends."

"Quickly gaining steam, the brand quickly turned the corner to become something much bigger. The duo of Chrissie Miller and Madelaine Von Froomer now create full fledged collections which is seen here in their 2009 spring collecti" - HypeBeast

I'm glad these shorts are working their way back!


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