Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nike Zoom Lebron VI (6) Black/Anthracite

Wowzer, what a lovely way to enter into December hey! Pinch, Punch, 2nd of the month!!

"With all the controversy surrounding Lebron James, a new colorway of his sixth Nike Zoom Lebron may give people something else to talk about."

If your wondering what that is all about basically he was on the cover of Vogue with Giselle, people think that it portrays racial stereotypes because he kinda looks like King Kong, the black aggressive male with a frail and sexual white woman.....

I don't know, I just think it is a shit cover regardless of what the undertone is.......Besides, Giselle is Brazilian......

Back to the matter in hand!

"This latest model is supported by a neutral combination of black and anthracite. Black takes up most of the space of the sneaker with areas of anthracite putting a spin on the traditional black on black design." *Sneaker Files

Release date for these badboys: unknown, but hopefully really soon because they are siiiiick!

Oooh and in case you don't know, get to!

LeBron James - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Video courtesy of Mount-J


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