Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jeremy Scott for adidas

Homeboy Jeremy Scott has been tearin it up over at adidas man, first I caught a glimpse of the "wings" and boy do I want a pair of these, I definately would feel lighter in my step. Then came these "boosters" which are like cartoon versions of kicks, they kind of remind me of Hammertime, you know when hammer had the talking tongues? I think every kid wanted those, and so I now want these.

Sadly though, this was not to be a straight run of amazing trainer designs, coz these "artillery highs" are rough as. I like a bit of 90's on me, but damn, thats like the 90's done been sick on itself! Hellz no Jeremy, don't take the piss mate!

Artillery High



The collection is due out March/Feb 2009!!!!


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