Thursday, November 13, 2008

Starter Bags!

(Example: I wish I did stil have this ish!)


I thought this would be the perfect start to a style blog as Starter is close to my heart. Growing up with American influences, as my dad is a yank, Starter was one of those core accecorries you needed to be a hip youth! It was all about the jackets, oversized, shiny and warm, and had to include a team. It didn't really matter what team you had when I was growing up, and my first was a Chicago Bulls number in the classic black and red. As my Starter wearing matured I chose a jacket closer to home, a Cleveland Browns jacket, as this is where all of my dad's side of the family were born and raised. After that it was back to Chi-Town with Chicago Bears, feeling I was really representin' because (as a name drop!!) my late great uncle Walter Payton played for that team back in the day with his infamous sidekick "The Refridgerater"! So much to my excitement, finding this post on Crooked Tongues, I felt the need to make it the conception of my bagsostyle blog.

The concept...

As like most things, trends swing back round and round like a hit-away-pole. Vintage though it seems has managed to stay in the foreground, encouraging some rather mish-mashed style junkies. Now I'm a big fan of vintage, but sometimes there are people you look at (for example on Brick Lane) and it really hurts your fashion conscience! You almost feel like they are a walking mockery of all that is good with fashion. Enough of my hatred for people slightly unhinged whilst deciding what to wear in the morning! The Twins Dee and Ricky have been taking it back this year with lego belts and brooches, and have now moved on to creating vintage duffel bags. Im not too sure of the details of how they are made, whether they are in collaboration with Starter, (I'm sure they could do with a revival, as it's probably been a few cold and lonely years for those guys financially) or whether they are sourcing vintage finds and re-modelling them? I'm sure that more will come to light....Keep checking their website.


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